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Essential Oils Fynbos

Our Range of South African Indigenous & Fynbos Essential Oils

The relationships we have created direct with our essential oil farmers ensures we know exactly how all the plant material has been grown, harvested and distilled, without relying on third party certifications or any middlemen – meaning supreme quality, truly African oils at affordable prices for the end-user.

We also ensure that those oils which are wild harvested are done so sustainably

Before still pure was born, we started an engineering company which custom-builds distillation units for the production of essential oil (see www.edesa.co.za) and a nursery (Pure Green) specializing in essential oil plants and advice.  Through these two businesses we built up excellent relationships with essential oil farmers both locally and abroad.  This paved the way for the creation of the still pure label.  We know first-hand how all our oils are farmed, that they are distilled expertly to give the highest quality oil and, with no middle men, our prices remain affordable.